Nick the fairy princess greets children at Disneyland in California.

New Report Suggests Disney CEO Iger Wants to “Quiet the Noise” Surrounding Culture War “Not Healthy for the Company’s Business”

A new report claims that Bob Iger, CEO of the woke Walt Disney Company, does not see the culture war issues that have increasingly been consuming the country as healthy for the company’s business, and their bottom line, and he wants to “quiet the noise.” Bounding Into Comics reportsthat Laura Martin, a Needham financial analyst who attended a recent investor event at Walt Disney World,provided their outlet with a report in which she explains that Iger “believes ‘content should be entertaining, not issues-focused.’” She continues that“Iger’s ‘key goal’ is to ‘Quiet the Noise’ because culture wars are not healthy for [Disney’s] business.” Disney has suffered a 56 percent market cap free fall with losses nearing $200 billion.

Social Justice Warrior Jann Wenner Cancelled After Controversial Comments-Removed from Board of Directors of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation He Co-Founded

Avowed leftist and social justice warrior Jann Warner is under fire after controversial comments while doing publicity for his new book “The Masters.” In the interview, Wenner explains why he chose seven white male musicians (Bono, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Townshend) as the primary subjects of the book.

“My Faith in Jesus Christ Is Stronger Than It’s Ever Been – They Have Not Broken Me” – Orphan, Trafficking Victim, and J6 Political Prisoner Isaac Thomas Sends Letter to The Gateway Pundit from DC Gulag

Isaac Thomaswas orphaned at the age of 6 and endured years of abuse and neglect as a child— trafficked through various placements while in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services. Thomas emancipated himself at 16 and got involved in political activism.