Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar Release Statements Holding Israel Responsible for Hamas Attacks

Saudi Arabia and Qatar Weigh in on the Israel-Hamas Conflict, Holding Israel Accountable for the Escalation

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar have released official statements concerning the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian factions, including Hamas. Both nations have expressed deep concern over the escalation of violence and have called for immediate de-escalation and the protection of civilians. Interestingly, both statements hold Israel responsible for the current situation, albeit with nuanced differences in their approaches.

Qatar’s Statement: A Direct Accusation Against Israel

The State of Qatar’s statement is more direct in its accusation against Israel. It holds Israel “solely responsible for the ongoing escalation” due to its “ongoing violations of the rights of the Palestinian people.” Qatar specifically mentions the “repeated incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli police” as the latest in a series of violations.

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for urgent international action to “compel Israel to stop its flagrant violations of international law” and to respect international resolutions and the “historical rights of the Palestinian people.”

The statement reiterates Qatar’s “firm position” on the “justice of the Palestinian cause” and calls for the establishment of an “independent state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Saudi Arabia’s Statement: A Call for Restraint and a Two-State Solution

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement that begins by acknowledging the “unprecedented situation” between Palestinian factions and Israeli forces. The statement calls for an “immediate halt to the escalation” and emphasizes the need for protecting civilians.

Saudi Arabia also reminds the international community of its “repeated warnings” about the explosive situation that could arise from the “continued occupation and deprivation of the Palestinian people of their rights.” The statement goes on to criticize what it describes as “repeatition of systematic provocations” against Palestinian sanctities.

The Kingdom concludes by renewing its call for the international community to “assume its responsibilities” and activate a “credible peace process” leading to a two-state solution. This, Saudi Arabia argues, is the only way to achieve lasting “security and peace in the region” while also protecting civilians.

Israel has officially declared a state of war as of 06:30 a.m. local time. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are grappling with an unprecedented level of aggression from Hamas, the militant group based in Gaza. Approximately 3,000 rockets have been launched into Israeli territory, terrorists have infiltrated Israel’s borders, and civilians, including children and families, are under attack. The Israeli government has stated unequivocally that “Hamas will pay a heavy price for this inhumane attack against Israel.”


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