Watch the Greg Gutfeld Monologue About Crime That’s Causing the Left to Freak Out (VIDEO)

This week on ‘The Five’ of FOX News, Greg Gutfeld went into a rant about crime and the effect it’s having on the country.

He pointed out how the left gets away with crimes by being seen as perpetual victims, while J6ers are treated differently because the left views them as oppressors.

Towards the end, he suggests that this is proof that our elections don’t work. Some people on the left are really freaking out about this segment and saying that Gutfeld was calling for civil war.

Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

“Only certain people get criminal mulligans and Jan. 6 protestors, they don’t get criminal mulligans and here’s why. They’re the oppressor. So the oppressed get criminal mulligans. The people who are complaining, like us, we’re actually oppressors and we’re losing power so that’s why we are upset. I just got a job at MSNBC.

So let’s compare the rights between criminals and victims, ok? Criminals get a mulligan, they can steal up to $900 worth of stuff, they can loiter, sleep, and shoot up in public areas including playgrounds, they can loot and burn and call it social justice. They can pile up dozens of arrests and never do time. Meanwhile, what about us? Well we have to change our lives to accommodate risk wherever we go. We have to move out of cities for the sake of the safety of our families and our own safety. That’s what’s happening.

We are being driven out of cities by the oppressed, so I return to my imperfect analogy from yesterday. We had a war over slavery. We knew slavery was inhumane and immoral, but somehow we couldn’t solve slavery peacefully. It was an evil, but one side refused to acknowledge it was evil because it was too big of an admission for them to make.

Doesn’t that feel that way now? That this defiant refusal to reverse this decline argues against the survival of a country. What does that leave you with? It leaves you with you need to make war to bring peace because you have a side that cannot change. Because then that means the admission that their beliefs have been corrupt all the time. So, in a way, you have to force them to surrender.

Here’s the video:

Cue the lefty freakout:

Do people on the left think no one remembers the things they were saying when Trump was president?


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