DEVELOPING: Several Americans Reportedly Slaughtered and Abducted by Hamas Terrorists in Israel According to Antony Blinken (VIDEO) UPDATE: DOZENS of American Hostages Being Held by Hamas Says Israeli Ambassador

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The Gateway Pundit previously reported Hamas terrorists launched a massive surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, killing dozens of soldiers and innocent families inside Israel.

Hamas reportedly launched over 5,000 missiles into southern and central Israel. Over 250 Israelis died, and over 1,000 were hospitalized following the massive assault inside Israel. The number of dead could rise in the coming days.

But it is not just Israeli citizens who are reportedly the victims of these evil attacks by Hamas. There exists a a harrowing possibility that Americans could be among those dead if one believes the U.S. government.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Meet the Press host Kristen Welker on Sunday that there are reports of several American citizens who have been slaughtered and abducted by these medieval terrorists. He said the administration is actively working to verify these reports.

If these reports are proven true, this could necessitate U.S. military involvement to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth once and for all.


Welker: Mr. Secretary, does the administration know at this point if U.S. citizens were among the dead or those taken hostage?

Blinken: So we have reports that several Americans may be among the dead. We are very actively working to verify those reports. Similarly, we’ve seen reports about hostages and they’re, again, we’re very actively trying to verify them, and nail that down.

Wwlker: Meaning there could have been some U.S. citizens that could have been taken hostage as well?

Blinken: That’s correct.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit on Saturday, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated to unprecedented levels. Both sides have suffered significant losses, and the situation has taken a chilling new turn with reports of hostages being taken by Hamas terrorists.

Hamas Terrorists Reportedly Begin Taking Hostages of Israeli Soldiers and Kidnapping of Israeli Civilians (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

UPDATE: Gilad Erdan, the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. says DOZENS of Americans are being held hostage by Hamas.

This is a developing story. Check back with the Gateway Pundit later for updates.


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