Anti-Cop Girlfriend of Leftist Activist Stabbed to Death in NYC Had ‘Trouble’ Identifying Suspect in Lineup, Could Hurt Case Against Him

The Antifa-supporting girlfriend of Ryan Carson, the leftist activist stabbed to death in New York City, reportedly had “trouble” identifying the suspect in a photo police lineup, which could hurt the case against him.

Carson, 31, died after being stabbed in the chest multiple times in front of his girlfriend, Claudia V. Morales, earlier this month.

Brian Dowling, 18, was taken into custody for the killing a few days later. A search of his home, a few blocks from the crime scene, turned up a hoodie that matched the one he was seen wearing in surveillance footage of the murder and a knife which is suspected to be the murder weapon.

When brought in for the lineup, his girlfriend picked the wrong person. Luckily, two other witnesses identified the correct person.

“The complainant’s girlfriend who witnessed the incident was shown a photo array. She picked a different person than the defendant out of the photo array,” the assistant district attorney told the judge, according to a report from ABC 7.

Morales has a long history of anti-police and pro-Black Lives Matter social media posts — which has led to many questioning if she was simply refusing to cooperate with officers. She is also the beneficiary of a large GoFundMe fundraiser that has raised over $60,000.

Police believe she is traumatized, which made it difficult for her to remember “basic details” of the attack.

Former Manhattan prosecutor Mark Bederow told The Messenger that her incorrect ID may be “potentially devastating and crippling” for the prosecution.

“It’s really too early to tell,” Bederow added.

Bederow explained that other DNA evidence may help with the case.

“If they found a weapon at this guy’s apartment and it has the DNA of the victim, that’s compelling in the other direction,” he said. “What the cops and prosecutor are going to have to do is work backward to find this guy’s location at the crime scene.”

This means police will have to find other surveillance footage or cell phone data to try and positively place him at the scene.

“It will likely be argued by the prosecution that the witness’ trauma in watching her boyfriend be stabbed before her eyes impacted her ability to identify the defendant,” former Brooklyn prosecutor Julie Rendelman, now a defense attorney, told The Messenger.

Dowling has been charged with murder with depraved indifference and criminal possession of a weapon.


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