The Power of the Lord: J6 Defendants Find Faith and Friendship Behind the Bars of the DC Gulag 

Terrell Johnson (L) Isaac Thomas (R)

Guest post by Ashton Richie, Condemned USA

In the most unlikely of circumstances, the power of faith and friendship can transcend barriers and bring unlikely friends together. When DC resident Terrell Johnson, age 41, became cell mates with Isaac Thomas, age 20, Isaac found solace and support with his newfound friend within the confines of general population in a DC jail. Their shared love for the Lord not only provided them strength but also fostered a beautiful bond that defied the odds.

Overcoming Loneliness and Loss 

Terrell Johnson’s life has been marked by hardship and loss. With his mother’s passing last year, and his family scattered across the United States, he found himself feeling quite alone inside the confines of the jail. Amidst his struggles, Terrell’s unwavering faith became a source of solace and hope. A polite man, hes committed some mistakes over the course of his life, and he owns those, and served his time in the prison system. A complication with his probation officer landed him back in the DC system – despite a sneaking suspicion he may have already done almost a year over what he should have served the first time. Despite his troubles, little did he know that he would soon meet someone who would become a welcome companion during his time behind bars.

Isaac Thomas, at only 20 years old, saw his bond revoked by Judge Kotelly during a pre-trial hearing for his January 6th case. So, after a lifetime of abuse by government institutions, Isaac Thomas found himself inside the halls of a DC jail. He faced his own challenges while confined in the same place as Johnson. Isolated from the outside world and denied outside communication, Isaac’s spirit and faith remained unbroken. When he was assigned cellmate Terrell Johnson, with his kind heart and strong faith, the older man took notice of the younger man’s plight.

A Bond Formed by Prayer 

Terrell Johnson decided to take Isaac Thomas under his wing, becoming a protector and mentor during their short time together. Despite the limitations of their circumstances, they found solace and strength in their shared faith. Together, they would pray, seeking guidance and comfort from a higher power. Their prayer sessions not only strengthened their own spirits but also brought them a deal of peace in each others presence despite the harsh realities of life behind bars.

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Offering a Helping Hand 

Despite his own challenges, Terrell went above and beyond to support Isaac. When the guards denied Isaac access to outside communication, Terrell made sure Isaac was able to use his tablet instead to make the calls Isaac needed to make to his attorneys, advocates, and family. Ultimately, Isaac was moved to the J6 pod, after prodding by outside advocates.

Terrell Johnson

Finding Light in the Darkest of Places 

The story of Terrell Johnson and Isaac Thomas serves as a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of places, light and kindness can flourish. Their shared love of the Lord provided them with a sense of purpose, strength, and a deep bond that helped them overcome their individual challenges. Terrell has no real support structure to speak of and, even though he is not a J6 defendant, his kindness should not go unnoticed. No one should be abandoned.

In a world that sometimes feels divided and disconnected, Terrell Johnson and Isaac Thomas remind us to look past optics and barriers- if more people in the world behave on the outside like Terrell did for Isaac on the inside, maybe our country would be a better place.

Isaacs legal advocacy will be making a donation on behalf of Isaac to his friend, Terrell as a thank you for looking out for a kid in need.  

Please leave a note about Terrells story so that proceeds may go to helping another man in need, who looked out for one of our own.

If you would like to write to Terrell or reach out, you can find him on GettingOut, his inmate number is: 292100 

God Bless You, and God Bless America,

Ashton Richie


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