Tom Renz: Party Over Principles? What is Happening with Levin and Gingrich?

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Party Over Principles? What is Happening with Levin and Gingrich?

Guest post by Attorney Tom Renz

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With due respect to a couple guys I normally like their reaction is bulls&$t. Mark Levin and Newt Gingrich are out bashing Matt Gaetz and the other seven Republicans that had the courage to what no one else would do by standing on principle. These guys are beating up Gaetz claiming he’s unprincipled because he showed loyalty to the country over the party and it is inexcusable. The GOP has sold Trump and the rest of our nation down the toilet since 2016 – it’s time to clean house and this was a good start.

Let me start by sharing my position – we cannot sacrifice principles for a party that, even when it held both parties and had a Republican president in 2016, could not repeal ObamaCare (without which we would not have had the COVID debacle but that’s another story). We have CBDCs coming, a world on the brink of war, a wide open border with military age men from all our enemy nations pouring through, a weaponized justice system holding patriots in prison with nothing approaching a fair trial, rampant election fraud, the destruction of health freedom, a collapsing economy, Donald Trump (republicans presidential front runner btw) being attacked by corrupt prosecutors, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy did NOTHING to negotiate ANY sort of legitimate deal on ANY of these issues before increasing the debt ceiling or passing the latest spending bill… And speaking of the spending bill – where were Newt and Levin in screaming at McCarthy for partnering with Democrats on that?

At the end of the day the lesser of two evils is still evil and I’m not willing to blindly support a party that sells out on my principles because they are the lesser of two evils. As I am seeing the Republican Party ramp up attacks on Gaetz and anyone else that steps out of line, let me say for the record that if the GOP continues its attacks on Trump, Gaetz and other principled America First Conservatives I will put everything I have into facilitating a national discussion on a third party. There is no question that the best approach for our country is to retake the GOP but if the sellouts running that party will not support a presidential candidate that is winning by 40%+, continue to throw elections by failing to fund America first candidates (like McConnell and McCarthy did in 2022), and want to continue negotiating our country into a globalist nightmare I’m done with them.

I appreciate Levin and Gingrich but want to know how much of this outrage is based on principle and how much is based on pay? Levin gets a LOT of money from Fox News – the same news network that was purchased by BlackRock and then fired Tucker Carlson. In fact, according to Levin is paid $10 million per year. It is pretty well documented (and Tucker’s situation demonstrated) that getting paid by Fox means backing their agenda and to hell with principles.

As for Gingrich – he is owned by the party. Going back a number of years there were numerous reports of the GOP “helping him out” and that does not happen unless the party has some guarantee of control ( Gingrich, up until recently, was also paid heftily by Fox and others and his outrage is more than a little suspect (here’s more on him though I do not love the source:

My intent is not to knock Levin nor Gingrich but they both seem to be being “compelled” to be more angry about people falling out of line than they are about America’s decline. As these guys continue to run their mouths and write op-eds that are so willingly republished by leftist outlets, I simply am curious as to where their outrage was when McCarthy signed the debt ceiling deal without defunding the 87,000 new IRS agents or defunding the politicized DOJ attacks on Trump.

For me there is no more compromise. I’d work with any Democrat on the planet to get people like McCarthy or McConnell out of their seats. These guys threw the last election to keep America First candidates out and now we are supposed to show them loyalty? I’m just done with this crap! Thank you for your courage Matt Gaetz and you seven other republicans that choose to stand for principle over party – I hope more supposed America first leaders decide to do the same.


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