Non Greasy Hair – Lemon Rinse


For those hairs that are oily, the lemon rinse is a super cool procedure. The lemon rinse controls the excess oil in the hair. Using it twice in a week keeps the hair moisture balanced and non greasy. Dry the hair with a soft cotton towel. The hair feels light and also keeps the head cool. Sipping a lemonade after the bath adds the soothing effect on the body too.

Since lemon juice is highly concentrated avoid direct application on the hair. Always dilute it with water and rinse the hair for a healthy hair condition. Avoid using it frequently as it can make the hair dry.



Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

Water - 200 ml

Preparation & Application

Take lemon  juice and mix it into a mug of water. Use this as last rinse while washing your hair.

Did You Know?  Lemon is great for taking off that extra oil from the hair and make the hair feel light. 

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