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Create natural hair care products and be hairilicious with our simple 100% natural recipes

DIY Natural beauty lab hair care covers a whole range of hair care beauty recipes starting from hair oil, hair wash, hair conditioners, recovering from the most common hair challenges like hair fall, dandruff, grey hair, grow hair long. 100% natural and simple to make at home.

Hair Basics

Before you get started with the hair care recipes, know your hair first.

Hair Oil

Oiling your hair is the best way to get naturally strong hair. Applying a thin coat of oil to the hair is the best way to oil your hair. Without oil and moisture, you hair might turn dry, rough resulting in hair loss.

Hair Rinse

Hair rinse, naturally condition the hair and scalp. They soften, add shine, increase volume,  enhance natural highlights, helps restore hair’s pH balance.

  • Green Tea Rinse
  • Lemon Rinse
  • Vinegar Rinse
  • Milk Rinse
  • Gooseberry Tea Rinse
  • Soapnut Tea Rinse
  • Rosemary Tea Rinse
  • Amarnath Tea Rinse
  • Sunflower Tea Rinse
  • Hibiscus Tea Rinse

Hot Oil Massage

A hot oil treatment opens up the hair roots and moisturizes the hair roots from within. This gives nourishment to all the hair follicles. Hot oil massage also makes hair shiny, increases blood flow, prevent dandruff, promotes hair growth, cures split ends and detoxify the hair and scalp.

  • Olive Oil Massage
  • Castor Oil Massage
  • Honey Olive Oil Massage
  • Lime Coconut Oil Massage
  • Fenugreek Coconut Oil Massage
  • Hibiscus Neem Oil Massage
  • Almond Sesame Oil Massage
  • Coconut Sesame Oil Massage
  • Pepper Olive Oil Massage

Hair Shampoo

Hair shampoo promotes new hair growth, enhances the natural shine and color of hair, soothe irritated skin cells, infuses natural oils, minerals, and herbal extracts to maintain moisture and improving the overall condition of the scalp.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioning is an important part of every hair regime. It nourishes and strengthens the hair. Also helps detangle the hair, so it is easier to brush through. It makes the hair shiny & soft, improves the overall look , prevents breakage and protects from heat damage.

  • Sunflower Wheat Germ Conditioner
  • Saffron Lime Honey Conditioner
  • Henna Milk Conditioner
  • Yoghurt Fenugreek Conditioner
  • Yoghurt Mustard Conditioner
  • Lemon Onion Conditioner
  • Lemon Hibiscus Conditioner
  • Banana Almond Avocado Conditioner
  • Herbal Conditioner
  • Hibiscus Herbal Conditioner
  • Fullers Earth Vinegar Conditioner
  • Orange Herbal Conditioner
  • Orange Beetroot Conditioner
  • Orange Cucumber Conditioner
  • Coconut Fenugreek Conditioner
  • Oats Almond Conditioner
  • Parsley Olive Conditioner

Hair Coloring

Coloring the hair to mask gray, or you want to let your natural color shine by adding few highlights can be done using 100% natural ingredients without losing the hair health. Natural hair coloring also helps in maintaining the natural tone of the hair.

  • Henna Coloring
  • Black Walnut Hull Coloring
  • Black Coffee Coloring
  • Lemon Coloring

Hair Problems & Remedies

Hair problems are a result of imbalance in diet and the daily routine. Stress has a profound effect on hair. A well balanced diet and natural hair treatment methods can help restore healthy hair.

  • Treating Dandruff
  • 8 Golden Rules - Prevent Dandruff
  • Treating Lice
  • Treating Premature Greying & Hair Loss
  • Treating Hair fall
  • 13 Golden Rules - Prevent Hair Loss
  • 21 Golden Rules - Natural Hair Growth
  • Watch Your Intake

Hair Care Cheat Sheet

A well balanced diet and a organized beauty routine is the best way for a naturally beautiful hair.

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