Hair Care Basics – Know Your Hair Quiz

Before you get started with the natural beauty regime, get to know your hair first. Personalise your natural hair care recipe according to your hair needs. To a natural healthy hair…

Ask Yourself …

  1. Do you oil your hair regularly? 

  2. Do you use chemical shampoo? 

  3. Do you use a conditioner? how frequently? 

  4. Do you color your hair? 

  5. Do you take a shower before sleep?

  6. How often do you wash your hair?

  7. Did you check the pH of your water?

  8. Do you have dandruff / hair fall / grey hair / dead follicles?

  9. How long you have been facing hair problems?

  10. Do you exercise regularly?

  11. Are you on crash diet / sit on computer for hours / any other activity leading to  stress?

  12. Do you follow the food pyramid?

  13. Do you drink milk?

  14. Are you under any medication?


Did You Know ?

  1. Oiling your hair regularly keeps it moisturized and healthy.

  2. Use of chemical shampoo results in dryness and premature greying of hair.

  3. Conditioning after hair wash protects from heat damage and dryness. Gives the natural shine to the hair.

  4. Coloring the hair makes it weak and result in hair fall and dandruff.

  5. Taking bath before going to sleep assures calm sleep.

  6. Wash your hair at least twice a week for a healthy and lustrous hair.

  7. Water hardness results in hair problems. Make sure you wash the hair with pure water, pH 7.

  8. Before trying any new hair products first get the hair problems reviewed and resolved. 

  9. If the hair problems are there for quite a long time check with your medical practitioner.

  10. If you exercise everyday its necessary to wash your hair everyday to prevent dandruff.

  11. Dieting and stressed lifestyle results in hair problems. Get that routine set first and try the hair products.

  12. Eating right is the first thing to have a healthy hair.

  13. Drinking milk strengthens the hair follicles. 

  14. Those under medication should not experiment on new hair products.

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