Robert Kennedy Jr. Wins the Day: Responds to an Angry Democrat CSPAN Caller Who Labels Him a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ with Intellect, Tact and Grace (VIDEO)

In a recent C-SPAN interview, Robert Kennedy Jr. found himself in the hot seat, answering questions from a caller named Sharon, who accused him of being a conspiracy theorist.

The caller’s concerns ranged from Kennedy’s views on 5G technology to chemicals in water affecting human health. RFK Jr., a well-known environmental lawyer and activist, took the opportunity to clarify his stance on these issues, emphasizing that his views are grounded in scientific research.

Sharon, the caller, expressed her confusion and concern over Kennedy’s views.

“You are definitely not in my book or any of my Democratic family or friends book, a Democrat. Your conspiracy theories, they literally scare us,” said Sharon.

“We just came out of four years full of Trump’s lies and his conspiracy theories in this country. You claim that you want to heal us as a nation and our divide, and this is not. The WiFi causes cancer, and 5G is mass surveillance and chemicals in our water cause transgender and antidepressants cause school shootings. I’m so confused,” she said.

Kennedy began by addressing the label of “conspiracy theorist,” stating that such labels have been used to silence him and others who question mainstream narratives. He pointed out that he represents hundreds of individuals who have developed Glioblastoma, a type of tumor often linked to cell phone radiation. Kennedy cited “reams of scientific studies” that support this claim.

Regarding 5G and mass surveillance, Kennedy invoked the revelations made by Edward Snowden to argue that it’s naive to think the government isn’t spying on its citizens.

“You say that 5G is not used for surveillance. Is there really any American left who believes that the government is not spying on the American people? Edward Snowden demonstrated this. I don’t think you’ll find a single member of Congress who, if you ask them, ‘Does the government spy on Americans?’ [who] will tell you no. So, I don’t understand how that’s a conspiracy theory,” said RFK Jr.

Kennedy also addressed the caller’s concerns about chemicals in water affecting human health. He clarified that he never claimed atrazine causes transgenderism but pointed out that the chemical is an endocrine disruptor.

He cited studies where male frogs exposed to atrazine were sterilized, and some even changed sex. Kennedy argued that these endocrine disruptors could be affecting human health in ways we don’t yet fully understand.

“Anybody can look up these studies that show atrazine… In fact, in one of the studies, they took 27 male frogs and exposed them to atrazine. 90% of them were sterilized, and 10% of the frogs became female and were able to produce fertile eggs. So, it has that capacity. It’s an endocrine disruptor…”

Atrazine is a pesticide that can disrupt the endocrine system of male frogs. It can cause male frogs to have lower testosterone levels, produce less sperm, and change their mating habits. Atrazine can also chemically castrate and feminize male frogs. A study was published in NIH.

“And I don’t think there’s any scientific controversy that they affect sexual development. PCBs, Glyphosate, and many others are also endocrine disruptors. It’s very well documented. I’ve said we should look at the chemical exposures to see what their impact is on public health, on depression, on endocrine disruptors, and on alteration.”

“For example, why are our girls in this country demonstrably reaching puberty at much, much younger ages than they were a generation ago? Those are things that we should be looking at. And that’s all I’ve said. And I think that’s common sense. I don’t think you’d say that that’s a conspiracy theory; it’s science-based,” said Kennedy Jr.

When asked by C-SPAN reporter Pedro Echevarria about the scientific basis for his claims, Kennedy stated that all the studies he refers to are peer-reviewed and publicly available. He mentioned Dr. David Carpenter, a leading scientist in the field, as someone whose work can be looked up for further information.


Kennedy’s response highlights a growing divide not just in American politics but also in the realm of public discourse. Labels like “conspiracy theorist” are often used to dismiss or delegitimize individuals who challenge mainstream narratives. The term is used as a rhetorical weapon to silence dissenting voices.

However, as Kennedy pointed out, questioning the status quo is not the same as denying reality. In an era where trust in institutions is waning, and the public is increasingly skeptical of mainstream narratives, the need for open dialogue and rigorous scientific inquiry is more critical than ever. Kennedy’s call for a closer look at the potential health impacts of modern technologies and chemicals is not a call for alarmism but a call for caution and due diligence.

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