Florida Man Arrested With Detailed Plans To “Kill Everyone” At His Former High School

A Florida man was taken into custody after authorities found handwritten notes in his car with detailed plans to “kill everyone” from his former high school when he turns 22.

Henry Horton IV, 19 years old, was pulled over on September 27th in the city of Jupiter for a broken headlight. Upon searching the car, police found the detailed plans. A note read, “kill everyone at OHS with my guns.”

Horton confessed to police that the threat was tied to Okeechobee High School where Horton attended as a member of the class of 2022. He was planning to kill a school administrator and 14 other people on January 2nd, 2026, which will be his 22nd birthday.

New York Post reported:

A South Florida man was arrested after police found handwritten threats in his car outlining plans to “kill everyone” at his former high school and others across multiple states on his 22nd birthday.

Henry Horton IV, 19, was pulled over in Jupiter on Sept. 27 for a broken headlight when a search of the vehicle uncovered the alleged plans, WBPF reports.

One of the notes read, “kill everyone at OHS with my guns.” Horton allegedly confessed that it referred to Okeechobee High School, where he graduated in May 2022, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Police said the notes ultimately outlined a plan for Horton to kill an administrator at the school, along with 14 others on the campus on January 2, 2026, the day he turns 22.

Police also uncovered plans in his phone and his discord account which detailed mass murder plots in multiple states, plans to murder his stepmother, and even plans for building a bomb.

During a police interview, Horton also told them he was planning a future attack on a church in Miami and did recon work in Parkland where Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is located. That was the same school that 17 people were murdered in 2018.

He was committed to a hospital because of a history of mental issues and was officially arrested on Thursday. He is being held at Palm Beach County Jail on a $1 million bond.

His court date is set for November 6th.



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