JUST IN: Israeli Fighter Jets Destroy the Palestine Tower in Gaza City Used to House Hamas Assets (VIDEO)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recently conducted airstrikes targeting two high-rise towers in the Gaza Strip. These towers were being used by Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, to house their military assets. In response to the strikes, Hamas has threatened to launch rockets at Tel Aviv, further escalating tensions in the region.

On Saturday, Israel has officially declared a state of war as of 06:30 a.m. local time. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are grappling with an unprecedented level of aggression from Hamas, the militant group based in Gaza. Approximately 3,000 rockets have been launched into Israeli territory, terrorists have infiltrated Israel’s borders, and civilians, including children and families, are under attack. The Israeli government has stated unequivocally that “Hamas will pay a heavy price for this inhumane attack against Israel.”

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have initiated “Operation Swords of Iron”. This military operation aims to strike back at Hamas and protect Israeli citizens from further harm. The operation involves a coordinated effort between various branches of the IDF, including ground, air, and naval forces.

The IDF has stated that the strikes were carried out in response to Hamas’ deliberate practice of locating their military assets within civilian areas.

The IDF claims to have provided advance warning to the occupants of the buildings and urged them to evacuate before the strikes took place. This demonstrates Israel’s commitment to minimizing civilian casualties and adhering to the principles of proportionality in armed conflict.

“The Hamas terrorist organization deliberately places its military assets in the heart of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF spokesperson said per Times of Israel.

“Prior to the strike, the IDF provided advance warning to the occupants of the building and asked them to evacuate,” the military added.

The Hamas militant organization warns of potential rocket attacks on Tel Aviv as a retaliation to the IDF’s airstrikes on high-rise buildings in Gaza.


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