EXCLUSIVE: Lara Trump’s ‘Won’t Back Down’ Cover Now Available for Pre-Download, Newsweek Attacks Lara Calling Song a “Cheap Move” – Listen to Snippet of FINAL SONG HERE!

First Class Records President LJ Fino (left) Lara Trump (right)

Lara Trump is releasing her first song this week with Mailman Media’s new country music sub-label, First Class Records.

Lara’s song gives Tom Petty’s hit ‘Won’t Back Down’ a country spin and will be released on September 29. Presales are available as of September 22.

The song already has over 50,000 pre-saves and pre-orders, with the release date approaching in four days. “This will likely be our best-performing record yet,” First Class Records President LJ Fino told The Gateway Pundit.

Mailman Media is the same production team that brought us ‘Justice for All,’ featuring Donald Trump and the J6 Choir. As The Gateway Pundit reported, the hit single reached number one on the Billboard Charts and iTunes.

The Gateway Pundit also reported that Kari Lake’s hit single with Mailman Media, ’81 Million Votes My Ass,’ appeared on multiple Billboard charts and hit number one on two Billboard charts. The song also reached number one on iTunes and number 3 on Amazon Music!

Their latest single with the Truth Bombers and The Radikals, featuring a parody of Eric Clapton’s hit ‘Cocaine,’ is available here.

As The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported, Lara Trump was in the recording studio recently working on her upcoming cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down.’

EXCLUSIVE: “That’s Donald Trump. He’s Not Backing Down” – Lara Trump Records Tom Petty ‘Won’t Back Down’ Cover Song to be Released September 29

Leftists were quick to criticize and attack Lara’s singing on the track using previous snippets of Lara’s vocals shared on social media that didn’t make the final cut.

LJ Fino clapped back at the haters and losers on X with a final snippet, commenting, “Have you ever had the privilege of hearing a Beyoncé, Adele, Taylor Swift, or Harry Styles record before it’s finished? No. Unless you have severe Trump Derangement Syndrome or are simply tone deaf, you can not say with a straight face that that this is not sonic perfection.”

Listen to a snippet of the song’s final version below:

Petty’s hit song was the topic of controversy in recent years when Tom Petty’s family threatened legal action against President Trump for using the song at his campaign rallies. It would be understandable if they wanted to stay out of politics, but the family resorted to accusing President Trump of “racism and discrimination.” What a load of bs.

However, Lara Trump doesn’t care. ‘Won’t Back Down,’ Lara says, represents Donald Trump’s tenacity and courage, as well as the American people who are “fed up” and “fighting to keep this country.” Lara also told The Gateway Pundit, “I’ve got no message for the Petty family.”

“I think this is a message to the country that we can’t back down. We can’t stop fighting for this country.”

The Gateway Pundit has heard unconfirmed rumors that the Petty family is aware of the upcoming song, and they’re not happy.

Newsweek reported that Lara Trump was “slammed” over her song after “journalist” Ed Krassenstein questioned whether it was a “cheap move.”

Newsweek reports:

The estate of Petty, who died in 2017, sent a cease and desist letter to Trump’s father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, to order he stop playing that song during his 2020 re-election campaign.

But now Lara Trump, who is married to Eric, the third child of the former president, has found a way to get around that request by making her own version of the song.

Pre-download the song here:

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on the song’s release and the Fake News Media’s reaction to Lara’s soon-to-be hit song.


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